Sunday, May 17, 2015

How to download all Gazebo models

Gazebo is a wonderful simulation tool widely used in robotics projects. The project includes a library of 3D models that are automatically downloaded on demand. However this makes the application pause each time a model is used for the first time, which can take a considerable time depending on connection speed and interfere with the flow of work.

In order to avoid this issue I wrote the below script to do a bulk download of all models in the Gazebo library, then copy them to the local model folder. Simply copy the lines below to a script file on a convenient local folder and run it from a command prompt.

# Download all model archive files
wget -l 2 -nc -r "" --accept gz

# This is the folder into which wget downloads the model archives
cd ""

# Extract all model archives
for i in *
  tar -zvxf "$i/model.tar.gz"

# Copy extracted files to the local model folder
cp -vfR * "$HOME/.gazebo/models/"