Tuesday, March 19, 2013

John Nash Vindicated?

Kaspersky Lab's Global Research & Analysis Team (GReAT) reports some unsettling details on the MiniDuke malware:

(...) If the target system meets the pre-defined requirements, the malware will use Twitter (unbeknownst to the user) and start looking for specific tweets from pre-made accounts. These accounts were created by MiniDuke’s Command and Control (C2) operators and the tweets maintain specific tags labeling encrypted URLs for the backdoors.

Once the infected system locates the C2, it receives encrypted backdoors that are obfuscated within GIF files and disguised as pictures that appear on a victim’s machine.

Once they are downloaded to the machine, they can fetch a larger backdoor which carries out the cyberespionage activities, through functions such as copy file, move file, remove file, make directory, kill process and of course, download and execute new malware and lateral movement tools.

An espionage system that talks to his masters via hidden messages in public media? I guess we all owe Mr. Nash an apology then...