Friday, July 10, 2009

Complete AAMAS '07-'09 Proceedings Now Freely Available Online

From the Ceia-l mailing list comes this announcement of another AI academic resource made freely available:

The COMPLETE proceedings of the AAMAS-09 Conference, held in
Budapest, Hungary in May 2009, are now available FOR FREE from:

The complete proceedings of AAMAS-08 and AAMAS-07 are
also available for free from:

There is no catch to this, and it isn't a scam - you can access the
complete proceedings for free without registering or similar. The
proceedings are provided for the scientific community by the
International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multi-Agent
Systems (IFAAMAS), a not-for-profit organisation whose activities
involve organising the annual AAMAS conference. The aim of IFAAMAS is
to make all future AAMAS conference proceedings similarly available for
free. The website of IFAAMAS is: